Eyes on Eyes Optical

Designing a web solution focused on mobile experience with online booking system.

More Information

Created a web solution that allows users to book eye exam appointments online. increase their website traffic by 200% while reducing their monthly SEM budget by 50%.


September 2020 - February 2021


Adobe XD, Illustrator, WordPress. Google Analytics, Google Ads


Lead Product Designer


Omid Ettehadi; Ali Pourmand; Tina Farokhifar; Borna Mohajer

the Problem

Eyes on Eyes Optical is an independently owned high end optical store located in the heart of Vaughan with a large selection of designer eye wear. In addition to their collection of lenses and glasses, they offer a variety of eye care services. During the pandemic, the store lost a large number of walk in clients, and could only book appointments through phone calls. The manual process took a large portion of their time during the day and lead to them loosing clients as customers were not able to reach the store.

A design challenge emerged...

How might we increase the number of eye exam appointments booked per month?
the Solution

We designed a brand new website for the store focused on mobile experience. We implemented a booking system that the store owner could control using a user friendly interface, and the clients had the option to change or cancel their appointments. Through this process we were able to reduce the monthly budget for SEM without affecting their website traffic by increasing natural traffic and re-allocating a portion of the funding to physical promotional values.

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But how did it all happen?

I lead a team of designers and developers in implementing a new WordPress website for the Eyes on Eyes Optical Store with a built-in booking system. I conducted a competitive analysis, keyword research, and drew wireframes for the new website. I also helped with the implementation of the website. Directed, shot, and edited the store's promo video. After which, I lead a team of SEM experts in designing a three month-long program for the store to switch their website paid traffic to natural traffic.
the Process

We employed the Design Thinking Process to identify the challenges the store was facing and identify possible ways to address them. We then created a series of prototypes and finally ran A/B testing to evaluate the best option.

What did I learn?

the Challenges

Identify what is going wrong with the old solution and convince the client to adopt a new way of working, which can be challenging for small businesses due to their mentality and risk-averse behaviour.


I was only able to get the client’s buy-in by involving them in the discover and define stage. By showing them the competitive analysis findings so that they could understand how their competitors were ahead of them, I was able to both convince them into trusting in the change they needed, but also used their expertise of their field and understanding of their customers to generates ideas on how to increase their monthly appointments.

Final notes
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